You can request up to $ 15,000 pesos, for clients of that are recurring, in minutes. has examples

What steps do I have to take to apply for a payday loan online ?

What steps do I have to take to apply for a payday loan online ?

Complete these steps to access a payday loan:

  1. Enter the “login” platform and select the amount of money you need. You can request from a minimum of $ 1,000 pesos, up to a maximum of $ 15,000 pesos for recurring clients and $ 6,000 pesos for new clients.
  2. Select the monthly or biweekly payment option to indie how much you would like to make your payments.
  3. Once selected, click on “Get my offer” and fill in the request with the information requested.
  4. reviews your request, and presents you with a personalized offer. If after examining the conditions you decide that you are not interested, you can decline the offer without any obligation or obligation and without additional charge or adjust it to your convenience.
  5. If your payday loan has been approved and the offer interests you, sign the payday loan contract.
  6. You receive the transfer of your money immediately.

What requirements and documentation do I have to meet to apply for my payday loan online ?

The requirements to apply for a payday loan in are as follows:

  • Be Mexican and be over 18
  • Current IFE / INE credential
  • Holder of a bank account
  • Email
  • Cellphone number

What documents do I need to deliver?

You have two options, one faster than the other.

  • The fastest process is if you use your online banking, and you are more likely to get a payday loan. You only need your current IFE / INE.
  • The second alternative requires presenting your last two account statements (consecutive months, legible, IFE / INE on both sides, proof of address. Proof of address must be current on payments, have the complete address no longer than 3 months, and vouchers will not be accepted with the legend “IMMEDIATE PAYMENT.”

What interest rates and apply?

In payday loans of applies a monthly interest rate of 7.80% per month up to 29.0%, ranges from 146.3% to 2023.6%.

When do I have to pay my payday loan?

When do I have to pay my payday loan?

Now allows you to adjust your payment frequency based on your preference that you can see in ” my account “.

Choose between a biweekly or monthly payment plan during your appliion and make your next payment according to the plan you chose.